You ARE a Model PTA – so get recognized for it! Read this for easy instructions.

From the Desk of John Martin, District 10 Director

The Nobel Prize, a Fulbright Scholarship, and the Model PTA Award all have something in common. They represent excellence – a gold standard that others can look up to – a goal worth reaching. 

Your PTA deserves the credit and the recognition that goes along with this award. I know from experience – this award makes parents, teachers, and your principal feel good about your school and about what your PTA is doing. And it’s not an empty accolade – it is proof that you are doing right by those kids, day in and day out.

The good news about the Model PTA Award is that, while it is a prestigious honor, it isn’t competitive – and it’s easier than you think to apply. If you do all of the things that you are supposed to do this year, and fill out a simple form, you are likely to earn it.

Really? Is that it? Well, let’s look it over. 

You can get the form here and follow along with me:

  • Complete 13 of the 15 Administrative Guidelines. The first 8 of these are mandatory anyway – filing audits, submitting members, making a budget – things you are already doing!
  • Complete the Operational Guidelines – these help guide your family engagement strategy.
  • Take the Model PTA Challenge – complete one or more options found on the Operational Guidelines.
  • Submit the Model PTA Award Cover Sheet and a completed copy of BOTH the Administrative Guidelines and the Operational Guidelines to Georgia PTA. It must be postmarked by the second Friday in March. Submit a copy to your council leaders as well. 

Now, you’ll notice that there are deadlines that you are suppose to make for some of these benchmarks. The guidelines state “Even if a local unit misses a recommended date on the Administrative Guidelines, it should still “check the box” when the criterion is completed and initial and date.” You will still get credit – as long as you don’t miss that all important final deadline – March 13, 2020.

How many of you have a child who frustrated you by getting a “Not Handed In” note on an assignment that you know your child completed? You go through their locker or their bookbag and there it is! If you don’t turn in your Model PTA Award form by March 13, that is essentially what you are doing. So get credit for the work you are already doing! Start the Model PTA Award form and turn it on time! And then, after you earn it – promote that fact through your school newsletter, bulletin boards, and even local media.

On behalf of ALL the children, thank you for doing all you can do,

John Martin
District 10 Director, 2019-2021

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Join us at the D10 Fall Conference!

From the Desk of John Martin, District 10 Director

Come join us on October 19, 2019 at the Teaching Museum South, 689 North Ave, Hapeville, GA 30354, for our Fall Conference. In addition to showcasing what is going right at your schools, we will have a panel to talk about Advocacy.

RSVP (Free) on Eventbrite

RSVP (Free) through Facebook

Click the image below for a PDF version and share with your school!

Call to D10 Conference Fall 2019

Call to Conference Fall 2019


Thank you for all the excellent work, advocating for all children,

John Martin
District 10 Director, 2019-2021


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Proposed Budget 2019

The District Board of Directors voted to put all funds – $452.13 – into the carryover category – allocating $0.00 to be spent this year, unless the budget is amended. We will vote on this at the Fall Conference. 

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What do you know about MemberHub? Need help? This post’s got it!


From the Desk of John Martin, District 10 Director

I set a personal goal in July to familiarize myself with MemberHub well enough to teach it. I would say that I have struggled, but I have most of it figured out. 

How about you? Have you learned it well enough to do what you need to do when school starts next week? Can you run a membership drive, print your cards, have you uploaded your officers yet? Do you even know what is required? 

Presidents, secretaries, and treasurers should have administrative access to MemberHub in order to complete these required tasks: 

  • Upload officers by May 1
  • Upload chairpersons by end of August
  • Upload members
  • Print membership cards*
  • Verify audit in MemberHub and email documents to Georgia PTA
  • Verify 990 in MemberHub and email documents to Georgia PTA

* Members should log in and print their own cards. Local units don’t need to do this. 

We have created a page that provides step-by-step instructions for each function. Most of these functions can be found by clicking on Admin Console at the top of the page, selecting the PTA (PTSA) tab under your local unit’s name (this may be the default) and then clicking on the function on the right side of the page.

If you are a president, you need to give these positions administrative rights, and any other people who you feel need those rights. You can do that when you add an officer to your PTA. 

If you are a PTA president and you cannot access your MemberHub, please contact me or your council leaders and we will get you set up ASAP. All other people who believe they should have access should contact their PTA president. 

Some local units may find that they cannot get to MemberHub within their schools because of firewall blocking that is enabled. Please feel free to use this document as a starting point for reaching out to your school district’s technology leaders to ask them to open the domains. Also, contact me if that is an issue.
If you have questions, please let me know.

For ALL the children, I wish you a great beginning to this school year!

John Martin
District 10 Director, 2019-2021



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News from State and National PTA – Read this and take action!

From the Desk of John Martin, District 10 Director

I look forward to serving you as your incoming District Director. District 10 needs to grow with you – as you experience growth within your local units, and your own growth as a parent leader.  

I’ll start with the biggest news first – National PTA’s attempt to raise membership dues was defeated. At CLT, Georgia PTA’s delegation was tasked with voicing our concerns over the dues increase, and we must have not been alone. For local PTA leaders in Georgia, this is a relief – please proceed to create your membership forms at your current membership level as stated in your bylaws and submit them to your council for review. 

At CLT there was a an election for the 2019 – 2021 State PTA Executive Board:

  • Karen Hallacy – President (Elected in 2017 as President-elect)
  • Dawn Stastny – President-elect (Presidential term begins in 2021)
  • Shanda Ross – 1st Vice President
  • Anita Jones – 2nd Vice President 
  • Diane Jacobi – Secretary   (North Fulton)
  • Amanda Webber – Treasurer  
  • Carol Johnson Davis – Parliamentarian   
  • Tyler Barr – Immediate Past President 
  • Leon Hobbs – National PTA Board Representative (ex-officio)

I serve on the State PTA Full Board as your representative. Contact me if you have anything you want me to present to Georgia PTA – and definitely copy me on any PTA related communication you have with Georgia PTA staff or board members. 

SAVE THE DATE! – October 19, 2019 – Fall Conference

Our Fall conference will be held in South Fulton Council, location and details to be determined. Please put this on your calendar and plan to attend.

We will be electing our secretary at the next conference. Nominations can come from the floor. Please contact me if you would like to run, have questions, etc. The duties of secretary can be found on our website.

We will be looking for committee chairs soon, particularly positions with an impact across all of Fulton County. So far the board has identified a need for Communications, Social Media, Awards/Reports and Community Partnerships. If you are interested in a position, or if you have a district-wide initiative that you would like us to support, contact me.

Christy Sniecinski, our District 10 Treasurer, says don’t forget that your IRS 990 Confirmations are due within 10 days of filing with the IRS and PTA audit forms are due the last business day in September!  It’s also never too early to print your President and Treasurer checklists.   

Please read my welcome message to you on our web site. Whether you are new to PTA or have been at your local unit for a while, it should provide you with some clarity of what the District’s and your Council’s roles are, when and how you should ask for support from each of us, and guidelines on communicating with Georgia PTA. 

For ALL the children, thank you for all that you do,

John Martin
District 10 Director, 2019-2021

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