PLAN OF ACTION 2019-2021


Position: District 10 Director

Name of Officer/Chair: John Martin


Job Descriptions of Georgia

  1. Promote the work of GA PTA and National PTA by implementing programs, communicating opportunities, strengthening collaboration, and effectuating the mission of advocacy in the district.

2. Attend all GA PTA Board meetings and serve as a voting member of the GA PTA Board, representing D10, as well as attend other GA PTA events and District Director’s Conferences.


3. Organize and stabilize local units and councils in the district. Seek opportunities to expand and grow PTA in schools and communities and establish cooperative relations with schools, central offices and education/welfare institutions/agencies.


4. Provide leadership and targeted training to council/local units allowing for forward momentum and effective transitioning, collaboration of advocacy efforts, awareness/understanding of legislative issues, and student/child centered decisions.


• Maintain and strengthen communication mechanisms in the district to promote collaborative advocacy/legislative efforts and exchange of ideas and best practices.


Cultivate new leaders and shared vision of the PTA as an advocacy organization.


Formulate committees to address district needs with targeted purpose and response.


Charter local units and increase membership by two percentage points.


(How are you going to do it and where does it impact the Strategic Plan?)

Start Date

Completion Date

Advocacy: Promote and encourage awareness and implementation of PTA’s primary mission of advocacy and communicate legislative updates/issues.

August 2019


Membership: Promote and emphasize the value of PTA membership., i.e., institutional knowledge, common/shared vision, hierarchical support, legislative resources, etc.

August 2019


Leadership: Encourage participation in leadership development and exchange of ideas vital to the sustainability of PTA.

August 2019


Financial Viability: Transparency of the budget and targeted expenses to meet the needs of the district.

August 2019


Organizational Effectiveness: Implementation of communication plan with widespread and regular reach, timely responsiveness to contacts/inquiries, and active/engaged board.

August 2019


Budget: Expenditures focused on training and advocacy.

August 2019 (BOD)
October (Membership)

 Proposed budget adopted July 2019 by BOD

Committee Members: have Advocacy, Social Media, Community Partnerships.  

August 2019

July 2019



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