Duties of Officers

Revised 2011

District Director
Section 1. District directors are members of the Georgia PTA Board of Directors. District directors shall:

a. Attend all meetings and functions of the Georgia PTA, including the conference of district directors held in
conjunction with board of directors meetings. If unable to attend, district directors must notify the
President of the Georgia PTA, in writing, at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting;
b. Organize councils and local units;
c. Advise and assist the councils and local units in the district;
d. Submit to the President of the Georgia PTA by the close of the state PTA convention a district calendar,
including dates of fall and spring conferences;
e. Establish cooperative relationships with the superintendents and principals in the district;
f. Plan and conduct district conferences in accordance with the Georgia PTA Bylaws and district standing
g. Submit request(s), for a state board member to conduct workshops or be a guest speaker at district
conferences, to the state office for approval by the President of the Georgia PTA;
h. Submit calls to conference and all related materials to the President of the Georgia PTA for approval, 45
days prior to conference date.
i. Submit to the state office, within thirty (30) days after each conference, an agenda, a list of attendees,
minutes of the conference held, and whether or not a quorum was met;
j. Submit to the state office an annual written report by May 15th detailing your activities and copies shall be
distributed to the membership of PTA’s within the district;
k. Submit to the state office by May 15th , a detailed copy of all bank accounts held in the name of the district;
l. Submit a quarterly report;
m. Ensure that schools of information are conducted for all PTA units in the district, unless conducted by the
council(s) within the district;
n. Conduct workshops as requested and approved by the President of the Georgia PTA. Notify the
President of the Georgia PTA immediately if unable to conduct an approved workshop;
o. Obtain prior approval from the President of the Georgia PTA for all district-wide correspondence;
p. Submit items of statewide interest for publication in the newsletter;
q. Serve on all district committees (except the nominating and audit committees) as ex-officio (non-voting);
r. Appoint special committees, as necessary; and
s. Fulfill other duties in accordance with the State Strategic plan.

Assistant District Director (Two positions, first and second)
Section 3.
The assistant director(s) shall:

a. Act as aide(s) to the director;
b. Perform, in their designated order, the duties of the director in the absence or inability of that officer to serve;
c. Work to promote projects and programs of the Georgia PTA; and
d. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the district director.

Section 4. The secretary shall:

a. Determine if a quorum is present;
b. Keep an accurate record of the district conferences, Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings;
c. Provide the district director with conference minutes within 20 (twenty) days following the conference;
d. Receive and maintain all district reports;
e. Send the names, addresses, and telephone numbers and email addresses of the new district officers to the state office, immediately upon their election, and
f. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the district director.

Section 5. The treasurer (if applicable) shall:

a. Adhere to standard PTA procedures for treasurers as outlined in the Treasurer’s Section of the Leadership Resource;
b. Handle district funds as directed, with the exception of money allotted by the state PTA to the districts for operating expenses;
c. Provide the director with an annual report by May 1 st ;
d. Submit to the state office a copy of the annual audit report by the last business day of September; and
e. Submit annually to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the appropriate Form 990 by the applicable IRS due date if the district has a Federal Taxpayer Identification Number separate from the state association.