District 10 Digest – July 2019

I look forward to serve you as your incoming District Director. We need to grow with you – as you experience growth within your local units, and your own growth as a parent leader.

The District supports local units by acting as a liaison with councils for local units and the state PTA. To that end, a reminder that your council is your primary contact for questions, concerns, requests, etc. Even if the request is simple and you want to contact the state office – always loop in your council first. If a dialog continues between you and a state officer or staff, make sure to copy or follow up with your Council President and your District Director – our contact info is on this page.

District 10’s most visible presence is at our conferences. For the past several years we have brought you speakers who are shaping education in Georgia. Often education decisions in Georgia seem to emerge from a vacuum – we must educate our policymakers so that we can all work together to advocate for all children. We will bring them to you and allow your voice – the voice for all children – to be heard.

As the District Director, I serve as your representative on the State PTA board, taking input from you and expressing how the vision, goals, programs, and initiatives taken on at state PTA may work (or not, in some cases) across Fulton County and Atlanta Public Schools, and bringing ideas that work from our local units and seeing how they might work state-wide.

Years ago I was a teacher. I still consider myself an educator – and a big part of that is being an advocate for all children. I tend to shy away from drama and look for a better path – how can we all work together to benefit ALL the children? Let’s do that!

For the children,

John Martin
District 10 Director, 2019-2021

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