Welcome From the New District Director

Greetings PTA/PTSA Leaders, Members, Supporters and Advocates,

I send to you this brief introduction and affirmation. As you navigate the 2017-2018 school year, be resolved in knowing District 10, encompassing Atlanta Council of PTAs, North Fulton Council and South Fulton Council, is here to provide support, guidance and assistance to PTA/PTSAs throughout Fulton County. In fulfilling this mission, I too as the District Director, am assured our collective, collaborative and purposeful service will continue to positively impact children. I am equally prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities that may lie ahead given the nuances of issues impacting education, forward momentum of Georgia and National PTA, and the targeted needs of local units. Above all, I am mindful of the unique and integral role we each fulfill in providing one common voice for all children.

Again, it is with sincere appreciation of all your efforts that we continue to make strives at the local, council and district levels and together we will continue to do so.


Priscilla Borders, District 10 Director

District 10 Director


Fulton County/District 10 map

Fulton County/District 10 is in Northwest Georgia, and is shaded red in this map.


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