What do you know about MemberHub? Need help? This post’s got it!


From the Desk of John Martin, District 10 Director

I set a personal goal in July to familiarize myself with MemberHub well enough to teach it. I would say that I have struggled, but I have most of it figured out. 

How about you? Have you learned it well enough to do what you need to do when school starts next week? Can you run a membership drive, print your cards, have you uploaded your officers yet? Do you even know what is required? 

Presidents, secretaries, and treasurers should have administrative access to MemberHub in order to complete these required tasks: 

  • Upload officers by May 1
  • Upload chairpersons by end of August
  • Upload members
  • Print membership cards*
  • Verify audit in MemberHub and email documents to Georgia PTA
  • Verify 990 in MemberHub and email documents to Georgia PTA

* Members should log in and print their own cards. Local units don’t need to do this. 

We have created a page that provides step-by-step instructions for each function. Most of these functions can be found by clicking on Admin Console at the top of the page, selecting the PTA (PTSA) tab under your local unit’s name (this may be the default) and then clicking on the function on the right side of the page.

If you are a president, you need to give these positions administrative rights, and any other people who you feel need those rights. You can do that when you add an officer to your PTA. 

If you are a PTA president and you cannot access your MemberHub, please contact me or your council leaders and we will get you set up ASAP. All other people who believe they should have access should contact their PTA president. 

Some local units may find that they cannot get to MemberHub within their schools because of firewall blocking that is enabled. Please feel free to use this document as a starting point for reaching out to your school district’s technology leaders to ask them to open the domains. Also, contact me if that is an issue.
If you have questions, please let me know.

For ALL the children, I wish you a great beginning to this school year!

John Martin
District 10 Director, 2019-2021



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