Join us at the D10 Virtual Town Hall and get your questions answered!




From the Desk of John Martin, District 10 Director

There is a virtual bombardment going on right now. Questions are flying in from local units to Councils and District, and from all of us up to Georgia PTA and National PTA, and so we all connecting with state PTA leaders, school leaders, and others – asking questions, getting advice, researching bylaws, and providing information as best we can. 

Keep it coming! However –  I think we all might benefit from some face to face time, and getting your questions answered in person. 

So let’s meet. Virtually, of course!

District 10 is hosting an online Town Hall on Tuesday April 21, at 6:40 p.m. to disseminate information, answer your questions, and find out what else you need. 

Our State PTA President Karen Hallacy and State Treasurer Amanda Weber have offered to attend as well. 

This is meant to be a video conference if you can. Find a webcam, use your phone, or peel the tape off your laptop camera. Then go to this link:

You can use your computer for audio.

If you don’t have a microphone: call (978)-990-5000
Then enter the access code: 102343
Then enter the pin number given to you by the system at that time.

Tentative Agenda (no votes/motions will be taken at this meeting):

– Welcome
– Introduction of Special Guests
– Information on holding general PTA meetings virtually
– Guidance on transition period
– Council updates
– Q & A
– Feedback/stories from local units
– Adjourn

I just checked my Georgia PTA inbox and the word “unprecedented” appears in 24 conversations from March 20 to the present. Before that, the word was only used in an announcement about Memberhub last July. This is as close to a shared experience this nation has ever experienced. We are all going through this together, all at the same time. As I know we have been supporting these kids through it, we shall be even stronger on the other end of it. Thank you for all that you do!  

Please stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday,


John Martin
District 10 Director, 2019-2021



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